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About our Remotes

Most of our remotes our button for button replacement parts and not the manufacturers original. I alot of cases the original part is either obselete or extremely expensive which is why our pattern replacements are so popular. Nearly all the features of the original remote are available, however, in some rare cases where the original remote is particularly complicated, some features may be missing, but this is very unlikely.

We do sometimes supply the original manufacturers remote which will be detailed on the product detail pages.

The pattern brands we supply are shown below:

RMA Series Remotes
RM Series Remotes
Konig Remotes
Philex Remotes
RIR 1000 Custom Remote
This remote is a 'blank' remote that can be programmed with your equipments' functions. It is used when stock is hard to obtain or no alternative exists. It is a high quality piece and comes with a comparison chart for your original remote so that you can work out all the keystrokes needed to gain an unusual function if needed.