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How to Program your Sky Plus Remote to:

  • Control a normal Sky Digital receiver
  • Control the volume from a AV Amplifier / Receiver

Control a normal Sky digital receiver with a Sky Plus remote

The Sky Plus remote will actually control a normal Sky Digital receiver aswell. You may ask why you would want to do this as the Sky Plus remote is more expensive than the normal Sky Digital remote. The answer to this is that the Sky Plus remote is a better unit and can also control the volume / mute on some AV amplifiers or receivers.

To program your Sky Plus remote to operate a normal Sky Digital receiver, enter in the following sequence:

  • TV
  • Hold YELLOW button and SELECT until the led flashes twice
  • 0
  • SKY

To revert back to a normal SKY Plus operation:

  • TV
  • Hold YELLOW button and SELECT until the led flashes twice
  • 1
  • SKY

Program your Sky Plus remote to control the volume of an AV Amplifier / Receiver

  • Hold SELECT and 0 until the led flashes twice

  • Input the 4 digit code for your equipment (refer to table below for codes)

  • The led should flash twice to confirm you have done this correctly

  • Now press the left navigation button. If this puts your AV amp into standby you have comppleted the process. If nothing happens, repeat the process and try an alternative code for your make of equipment.

Additional step to add the volume punch through
This step is required so that you can continue to change channels on the Sky box and have the volume buttom control the AV amp / receiver volume without having to press the TV button each time you want a volume adjustment

  • TV

  • Hold SELECT button and 1 until the led flashes twice. (if the led only flashes once or remains lit then unfortunately your remote version does not support this feature.)

  • SKY

Remote Codes for Popular Manufacturers

Aiwa 0149 or 0186 or 1433
Akai 0143 or 0468
Alba 0587
Amstrad 0830 or 0772
Arcam 0669 or 0297
Audiolab 0297 or 1217
Bat 0297
Bush 0297 or 0449 or 0875
Clatronic 0772
Denon 0032 or 0188
Elta 0772
Garrard 0468 or 0772
Genexxa 0468
Goldmund 0297
Goodmans 0468 or 0772 or 0449 or 1081
Grundig 0297 or 0875 or 1217 or 1117 or 0772
Harman/Kardon 0138
Harwood 0772
Inkel 0055 or 0530
Intersound 0772
JBL 0138
JVC 0102 or 0492
Kenwood 1055 or 1341 or 1597 or 0341 or 0342 or 0055
Koss 0772
Linn 0297
LXI 0772
Marantz 0297 or 1117 or 1217
Mark 0297
Matsui 0772
Mafui 0342
Meridian 0297
Micromega 0297 or 1217
Minton 1123
Mitsubishi 0468
Mx Onda 0772
Myryad 0297 or 1217
Naim 0297
Nikkei 0772
NTDE 0772
Okano 0468
Orient Power 0772
Pace 0828
Panasonic 0336 or 1336 or 1337 or 1546
Philips 1117 or 1217 or 0669 or 0297
Phontrend 0530
Pioneer 0297 or 0317
Pye 0875
Quad 0297
RadioShack 0772
Revox 0297
Roadstar 0875
Sansui 1117
Sanyo 0772
Schneider 1081 or 0138 or 0772
Sherwood 0530
Sony 1086 or 1186 or 1286 or 1786
Taekwang 0468
Teac 0449
Technics 1336 or 1337 or 1546
Telefunken 0875
Thorens 0297 or 1217
Thorn 0772
Universum 0297 or 0772 or 0468
Victor 0102
Videologic 1123
Wharfedale 0468
Yamaha 0204 or 1304
Zenith 0772

Please note that none of these procedures are suppoprt or endorsed by SKY in any way. Please do this at your own risk as we cannot be held responsible for damage to your equipment if any of these procedures fail.

*This information was first made available at Digitalspy by AlanJ

Brand New, latest REV8 version which has all the latest codes to control your TV


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