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Articles, Resources and Links >> Watching SKY TV on a Professional Plasma

Alot of Plasma televisions and projectors do not come with a scart socket and instead have the higher quality component or S-Video inputs. There will also be a composite video input however if you have invested all that money in the unit, the last thing you want to do is watch it in composite.

This is a problem when you want to watch SKY satellite TV as most digiboxes do not output in component or S-Video.

The way to solve this is to purchase a RGB to Component convertor or a RGB to S-Video convertor, and the relevant leads all of which are available here.

Simply plug a scart lead into the output of the digibox and plug the other end of the scart lead into the input of the convertor box. Finally, connect the three coloured phono leads (Green, Blue, Red) from the convertor box to the component input of the plasma or projector, ensuring that the colours match.

You will also need to run the audio seperately, so simply connect a phono to phono lead from the audio output of the digibox to the audio input (that corresponds to the component input) on the plasma. Of course if you are using a surround sound amplifier, you would simply connect the phonos to the amplifier inputs.

Products Needed:
RGB to component convertor
Component video lead
Phono to phono audio lead