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A while ago, I was in the market for a universal remote control that would satisfy my need to make my home cinema system more accessible and easier to use for the members of my household. I tried quite a few out, but none would give me the ultimate flexibility I needed. I wanted something that had a nice, large screen and that could be completely customised to look exactly how I wanted.

I realised that such a system would run into many thousands of pounds with products from the likes of Crestron and AMX.

Undettered, I thought that it must be possible to make such a system myself, using an inexpensive PC and one of these new touch-screen monitors that are being used in Car PC's. What I needed to find was some software that would do it, and an Infra Red emitter that would connect to the PC to transmit the commands.

Eventually, I came across a fantastic piece of software called PowerHome. Priced at only $69.95 the software has an excellent support system on their message board which has helped me and many others like me to put my system together. Not only that, I also discovered that with this software, I could build in control for lighting and various power devices.

Whilst I do not offer this system commercially as such, I have installed it for a couple of friends who are absolutely delighted with it. If you are serious about such a setup, contact us and we may be able to to something similar for you.

Take a look at the video I produced to demonstrate the benefits of the system:

MPEG1 Format - Most systems can play this - Average quality - 17mb

DIVX Format - 14mb - Excellent quality but requires the free DIVX codec.
Get it here

home cinema control system

More than just a remote, the Cinemote is a complete system that does away with all your remotes and provides control for all your equipment and will even set the right mood lighting for you...all accessible from an 8” touchscreen panel that looks fantastic in any living room.

A simple ‘cinema on’ button can power up all your equipment, set the right inputs and dim the lights. Absolutely anyone in the house can now enjoy your TV system

What you can do with the CineMote system:

  • Turn all your equipment on and set the lighting with the touch of one button

  • Switch input sources on the TV, Surround Amplifier with one button

  • Control all your AV equipment from a large touch screen

  • Have preset lighting states that you can recall

  • Log in from any computer and turn devices on/off

  • Recall SKY TV channels through a comprehensive genres menu

  • Some of the control screens
    Click images to enlarge
    Main Control Screen
    DVD Control Screen
    Channels Menu
    Example Channels Genre


    The CineMote makes use of a micro PC with an extremely lean version of the Windows operating system. It is the use of a PC that allows such power and flexibility.

    Infra Red Control
    The CineMote utilises a infra red emitter and receiver to 'learn' and output infra red control commands. It is this learning capability that allows compatibility with any infra red controlled equipment

    Lighting and mains device control
    The CineMote uses X10 control technology to control lighting and any mains operated device. X10 is an extremely sophisticated home automation control protocol that utilises the existing house wiring for communication. Any form of lighting can be controlled, dimmed to preset levels and switched. Additionally, mains devices such as fans or heaters can be switched on and off.

    Advanced Features
    As the CineMote is a PC based system, those people with broadband internet connections can benefit from the ability to log in to their system remotely and perform various tasks such as switching equipment and lighting on or off or even switching the whole home cinema system on for when you return. You can even log in from an internet enabled mobile phone.